mSeesmic // tutorials

I have decided to add a feature in the application at some point in the future that will let you download tutorial videos on how to use the app and it’s features.

for now i have started a thread in seesmic where I plan to put demonstration videos.I already recorded a few, you can see them below.

mSeesmic (getting startred)

if you have questions as always you can reach me here and through any of the links listed under “stalk me”.

till next time, enjoy.



changes are a stimulus for emotions. they can be scary, they can be unnerving, they even can even be a waste a time. but what they are most is evolutionary. some refer to change as fate or destiny. some believe that every change is predictable and has been determined since the beginning of time. in contrast some also believe there is no order to change.

don’t fear change, it’s inevitable, it’s futile to resist. it’s evolutionary. change is what we make of it and life is full of change. life is what we make of it. you can’t stop change, but you can influence it.

we fear most when we are not confident. we fear most when we are unsure of the result. we fear because we are afraid of evolution. evolution is inevitable. change is inevitable. fear not what you don’t know, fear not the change that is inevitable.

change is not futile. adapt to change, think positively, think confidentially, think spiritually and you will influence change. embrace change and it will embrace you. it’s not always fun, but accept it and it will be the most postive influence in your life. change is good, even when it’s for the worse. change.

mSeesmic //

so this morning I decided to add a small feature to mSeesmic where you can download any of the videos you find in the timeline. while I was testing it, I found a bug that was working just fine the night before. so thankfully I was able to comment on the site and a handful of people responded to me, including Loic.

anyhow, I have a list (in my head) of changes I plan to introduce as time and energy allows me. here’s just a few… a multi-post mode for recording… user blocking/filtering… language filtering… inbox notification… following and follower interfaces …and some general improvements to make the application more efficient and appealing.

not to mention I will add new features as the API opens up. oh and Loic asked for demonstration of the app and was very pleased with what he saw.

for those new to the app… I realize I need to make a demonstration video at some point. including how to use it. but for now…

enjoy. more updates will be coming soon.

Podcamp Philly 2008

Podcamp this year was fun. However as an organizer I still found myself wandering about, doing organizer type things and missing the bulk of the event. I barely recorded any video and for the little that I did, it wasn’t quality material, IMO.

However I had enough material to put together the following…

Podcamp Philly 2008

Aside from that, I cut myself helping Danny from Microsoft setup, and I even filled in and lead a discussion on the schedule for someone who never showed up.

All-in-all it was a good event. I can’t wait for next year, and I already have ideas of how I’d like to help improve for 2009.


relationships. they come in many forms. public, private, personal and intimate.

everyday and every moment we re-evaluate our relationships with others and things. online, offline, in the workplace, in the real world. even with casual acquaintances we pass and we see at the coffee shop.

relationships are important. they are part of our human bond. and even though we can feel the void inside remember you always surrounded by connections with others. in the physical world, in the virtual world ultimately we exist in the psychography of others.

in todays 2.0 world, relationships can extend way beyond our physical reach and control. embrace and cherish the relationships you have. appreciate that in life 2.0 you can emotionally connect to so many people on a planetary level.

you are never alone. we are human, we are emotional. you are always in the minds of others and you are never truely alone.

welcome to your online family, welcome to your human personal network. welcome to life 2.0.


affirmations can be a guide to a more positive path of thinking and enlightment. however it’s the choices you make in life that decide your path to salvation and security.

think before you speak, think before you react. take a breath, pause until your minds settles, and this approach will lead to wiser desicsions, quicker resolutions and better communication.

keep in mind communication relies on timing. take your time, but don’t loose the moment. make choices with patience and thought not just heart.

mSeesmic // alpha-release

For those who have tried and know its lure… well I’ve made things worse. For a while I had the desire to have a mobile experience of seesmic on the go.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t carry my laptop and a webcam everywhere I go. Sometimes it’s not appropriate and even risky. So how else can I do this… get a smaller laptop? a OQO? or what about my phone?!

Why can’t I create new seesmic posts and watch the threads? I mean my phone can talk to the internet, it can play videos, heck it can even record video! So now I give you mSeesmic a fully bi-directional mobile seesmic application. It only works with Windows Mobile 5 or higher PDA touch/stylus phones. I recommend you have a good data plan… before using this app. It can be addicting especially if you already use seesmic on a daily basis.

Once you download the app, copy to it’s own folder. It will create a few folders to write out temporary files as you use your phone.

With great power comes responsibility!! I cannot stress this enough do not drive and mSeesmic! This app is still in alpha and you use it at your own risk. You also use it knowing it will use internet data on your phone.

If you any questions let me know. Like I said it’s still alpha. I plan to more features and as the API improves I will be able add new features to application. What’s next on my list is: language filtering, user blocking, inbox notification and a handful of other features not worth going into detail about.

Enjoy, and please let me know what happens and what you were doing if and when you encounter a bug.