mSeesmic // how-to use

this is just a quick blog on how to use mSeesmic. I think the menus are quite obvious so I don’t have to go into detail there. let’s talk about the timeline.

the timeline

tip #1 if you glide your finger up over the text the timeline will scroll up. if you glide your finger down it will scroll down.

tip #2 double tap over the thumbnail (over the picture; not the reply number banner) and you will get prompted with a actions-panel. inside this panel you will find options (to play the video, to reply to the video, to open/show the thread and etc).

if you have additional questions please comment back here. or catch up with me on twitter.


mSeesmic // (promo) everywhere

okay this morning I had a good idea for a promo. so on my way to work I filmed a few things with my phone. unfortunately mobile phones are not known for the high quality video… especially when you drop the source into a video editing app that is handicapped like Adobe Premiere Elements. regardless I made a promo video… that doesn’t actually talk about the app at all. =D but it’s in the can… and up on seesmic… and youtube… (highly recompressed)

mSeesmic (promo) everywhere

anyhow, enjoy… and hopefully it will make it to a feature video. for now… it’s time for lunch!

mSeesmic // tutorials

I have decided to add a feature in the application at some point in the future that will let you download tutorial videos on how to use the app and it’s features.

for now i have started a thread in seesmic where I plan to put demonstration videos.I already recorded a few, you can see them below.

mSeesmic (getting startred)

if you have questions as always you can reach me here and through any of the links listed under “stalk me”.

till next time, enjoy.

mSeesmic //

so this morning I decided to add a small feature to mSeesmic where you can download any of the videos you find in the timeline. while I was testing it, I found a bug that was working just fine the night before. so thankfully I was able to comment on the site and a handful of people responded to me, including Loic.

anyhow, I have a list (in my head) of changes I plan to introduce as time and energy allows me. here’s just a few… a multi-post mode for recording… user blocking/filtering… language filtering… inbox notification… following and follower interfaces …and some general improvements to make the application more efficient and appealing.

not to mention I will add new features as the API opens up. oh and Loic asked for demonstration of the app and was very pleased with what he saw.

for those new to the app… I realize I need to make a demonstration video at some point. including how to use it. but for now…

enjoy. more updates will be coming soon.

mSeesmic // alpha-release

For those who have tried and know its lure… well I’ve made things worse. For a while I had the desire to have a mobile experience of seesmic on the go.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t carry my laptop and a webcam everywhere I go. Sometimes it’s not appropriate and even risky. So how else can I do this… get a smaller laptop? a OQO? or what about my phone?!

Why can’t I create new seesmic posts and watch the threads? I mean my phone can talk to the internet, it can play videos, heck it can even record video! So now I give you mSeesmic a fully bi-directional mobile seesmic application. It only works with Windows Mobile 5 or higher PDA touch/stylus phones. I recommend you have a good data plan… before using this app. It can be addicting especially if you already use seesmic on a daily basis.

Once you download the app, copy to it’s own folder. It will create a few folders to write out temporary files as you use your phone.

With great power comes responsibility!! I cannot stress this enough do not drive and mSeesmic! This app is still in alpha and you use it at your own risk. You also use it knowing it will use internet data on your phone.

If you any questions let me know. Like I said it’s still alpha. I plan to more features and as the API improves I will be able add new features to application. What’s next on my list is: language filtering, user blocking, inbox notification and a handful of other features not worth going into detail about.

Enjoy, and please let me know what happens and what you were doing if and when you encounter a bug.


I was recently attending Podcamp Philly 2008. On the last day of the event I attended a petcha kucha session.

for further explaination of what petcha kucha is… go here or here. For the lazy… basically it’s a presentation event… 20 presentations, 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide.

well I thought this was an interesting idea. it forces the presentation to be quick and poignant. now the session was about how you can use petcha kucha as an effective presentation style. it was interesting to see people randomly go up there and present any topic they choose.

well as this was occuring the person at the helm progressed the pre-done powerpoint slides manually with a watch. the programmer in me saw a need to fill so I did. in a coulple hours I built a simple application I call “pkShow” you can download a copy here and it will self-update as I make changes. it’s only available in windows.

I also added a few options myself that to up the level of difficulty / fun of petcha kutcha. there are a few modes to how the slide show presents pictures (sequential, random and shuffle). in additional to a splash screen option, a topic feature and visual indicators.

please check it out. let me know. you’re welcome to use it for non-commercial purposes. use at your owk risk… and so on.



what is it? orignally it was supposed to be a windows mobile version of seesmic. while I was waiting for seesmic to release a new version of their API I started thinking about a mobile video platform for a different purpose.

so instead of making seesmob a mobile version of seesmic, I decided to do something different. which still doesn’t answer the question… what is it?

seesmob is a experimental video platform with a cross-posting feature. currently I have built a windows mobile application that let’s me record video and upload it to my server, then convert the upload on-the-fly to FLV and make it available in my user profile as well on the public timeline of the webpage.

currently all that I has been developed is a little bit of the website and the bulk of the backend. I can film via the phone, upload and cross-post the video to other services. at the moment I only included YouTube and Seesmic. more in on the list… vimeo.. twitter… and etc.

If you are currently a windows mobile 5.x or higher user with a PDA style stylus/touch screen phone contact me and I will set you up with an account. I do need beta testers. however this is invite only because I have a limited amount of bandwidth.

if you have attempted to register it will not work. as I mentioned I have worked on basic parts of the website.

currently other off-hour projects have consumed my time. but fear not, I will get back to seesmob in the future.