life… just is

sometimes I feel like I’m a 3rd party participant to my life. it exists without my influence and as long as you stay in motion it’ll never stop. when this happens I find myself floating along looking on it, wondering why we exist, how we exist and trying to grasp my purpose in all of it. maybe helping in small ways has a bigger influence then trying to change the world. maybe encouraging friends has a ripple effect that’s hard to track and yet you can see the positive effect it has. knowing that I might have something do with it, gives me a momentary pause.

which leads me to this thought… that I told a friend who recently lost an ex-father-in-law. don’t have regrets. “life just is” sometimes, and we have to accept that. or we’ll repeat past mistakes. don’t live in the past. live in the now, with a productive concern for the future. but don’t forget to be responsible. and as any fellow nerdfighter would say, don’t never forget to be awesome!



identity is a hard thing to grasp and embrace at times. our “sense of being” constantly changes; in our mind, in the way others perceive us and how we represent ourselves to the world. it’s an ongoing struggle and changes with our mood, our level of confidence and our state of mind.

identity is an ongoing and ever changing relationship that we wrestle with. questioning ones ambitions is normal. it’s natural to want to change and to desire improvement in yourself. when we are balanced we will show the world, when we are out of sync we do our best to hide our insecurities and not show the doubt in our sense of worth.

identity is an emotional state of mind and changes with how we see ourselves in the world. what is my role? in life? right now? what is my purpose? why am I here? why was I there? why am I asking myself these questions? am I truly alone? is love a fleeting moment? or a passing thought? will I truly be happy? am I happy now? these are just some of the questions I’m sure you’ve thought of over time. they are all relevant and good questions. getting a sense of yourself is alright, it’s healthy and it’s necessary.

through growth and life experience we find ourselves defining who we want to be, who we want to be like and who we think we should be. as you grow and as you achieve you will make life defining choices. you will begin to define your sense of worth, your role in the world and your desires for change.

growth is inevitable and futile to think otherwise. we grow, we change, we move forward even when we feel we’re moving backwards. our identity is part of our growth. it’s human to desire, it’s human to change and our sense of worth is vital and important.

identity is has many roles, plays many parts in our life and has many faces. it permeates through our soul to our skin. have confidence in your existence. if you doubt your sense of worth, go into the world and experience it first hand. interact with it directly and you will desire change, you will make decisions and you will define your sense of being and your place at large.

identity is a relationship we cannot avoid, it shadows us at every turn and at times stares us in the face. keep your balance, reflect on the direction you’re taking. take action on your desires and you will maintain balance and your decisions will help you keep the tone and a sense of your identity.

your sense of worth is evaluated by your confidence, life experience and achievements. if you have doubts, go do something about it. that in itself is the first step in the process. you don’t have to change to improve your sense of worth, but you must have the desire. you define your worth by your actions, but sense of being is defined by your potential.

you have the potential, you are worth something to others. have confidence that you can, than you will know your purpose and you will recognize your identity.


phases. we go through many of these in our lifetime. the best analogous is to think of them like early iMacs. they come in many flavors, styles, and variations. they also reach into many areas of our lives and we cycle through them often. the “phase” cycle varies; some take moments and others can last for years; if not forever.  but what they are most, is an important aspect of our lives. take note of the phases in your life. you’re sure to repeat them and quickly dismiss them (again) after they have passed. as we grow, our interests change and as we get older we see the phases repeat in our own lives as well as others around us; online and offline.

phases are most apparent when we are forced to make “life altering” changes; even against our better judgment and interests. don’t fear the change, don’t fear the phase. phases are temporary and they will pass. they always have an end and you’re in control. they’re just a life-cycle that you wield with your mind. as your interests and needs change, you will end one phase and begin another.

phases can also be influenced externally. as an example; apple is a company that knows this best. they prey on your “short term” fads and introduce new product variations accordingly. as a result, their phase becomes something you anticipate and every fiscal quarter you find yourself hungering for a slight variation of your favorite apple product; if not all of them.

phases come in many flavors, in many styles and with varying intensities. they effect all aspects of our lives, in love and relationships, at home, at work, in our doubts, our wants and our needs. they effect us from the surface down to our core. they motivate us to move forward and they give us hope. they help us define our goals and priorities. they are important, they are human and they are vital.

life is rapid and the faster you run, the quicker you will enter one phase and exit another. look forward to the change, look forward to a new phase. don’t fear the phase, but be mindful of the change. if you don’t learn from the phase (you just left behind), you are sure to repeat it.

we cycle through life, we go through phases and as you learn, you grow. growth is a phase and the more you grow the less you will repeat mistakes. everything comes to end and phases are no different.

phases are vital, they are part of our life and they are the doors you enter, to get from one place to another. but you must be prepared. you can’t enter the next phase without the proper key. don’t rush yourself. entering the next phase is not what counts, it’s just the goal. what you learn and how you grow that is key to the next level, the next door and the next phase.

be mindful of change in your life, be mindful of the path you’re on and you’ll know when you’re ready for the next phase of life.


in the dictionary “balance” is described as “a state of equilibrium; mental steadiness or emotional stability”. in life we seek balance, with family, with work, in our hobbies and even online. balance is the backbone to many things.

it’s important and vital. it helps us make decisions, it allows us to set boundaries. it allows us to define our needs and wants. choose wisely and you will glide through the good and bad times. choose unwisely and you will suffer for the weight of your decisions.

life is the tightrope and balance tugs us to the side anticipating our fall. maintaining balance is something we do everyday even if we’re not aware of it. it’s okay to have wants and desires, and at times it’s okay to be a bit selfish and concerned for yourself. the best balance you can maintain in life is with an equal spread of your needs, wants and desires. but don’t forget the rest of the world, be charitable, be giving and be mindful of your balance. be mindful of the relationships you have. you can effect the balance of others, just as they can influence yours.

we are continually maintaining a balance and you will know when you’re not, because you will suffer for it eventually. balance is a give and take relationship. to maintain relationships you have to invest. invest in others and you’ll regain some balance.

balance comes in many forms, has many levels and effects everything. we influence each other, we effect each others balance. invest in the relationships you have in life, and you will regain some balance. when others invest in you, you will maintain your balance. life is full of ebb and flow, and as individuals our balance is that “ebb and the flow”.

balance has many faces, it comes in many forms, and influences everything. it forces you to stay afloat, but we can’t do it alone. we are human, we need connection, we need relationships and we need each other. we maintain our lives through balance. and we maintain each other through balance. we influence each other. we balance each other. stay connected, stay honest, stay embraced and you will stay balanced.


as I write these affirmations I have noticed a trend and strong use of certain words. “important”, “vital”, “human” and etc. one of the great things about conversation (especially when in person) is the opportunity to detect subtle visual cues. tone and presentation is often dismissed but they are “vital” and “important” to how we carry ourselves.

tone sets the balance. it allows us to set a reference point for which people can respond to. sometimes individuals react by emotion “think before you leap” and sometimes they don’t react at all. as change occurs in life you will find a need to set a tone. for yourself, for how you interact with others, online, offline, in private, with family. it’s always there, it’s abundant and like many things, it comes in many forms and has many faces. tone is about that personal connection you make with others.

as you grow, you will form many bonds, some more permanent than others. the stronger the bond the clearer your definition of tone is with that person. however the tone you set is not permanent. you must let it evolve as your relationship grows and changes.

tone is key to leadership, for guidance and anything that involves communication. the tone you use defines you, defines your conversation, defines your base for communication. tone is distinctive and vital to communication. without it, the conversation feels less human. tone becomes an extension of your personality and it’s part of what makes us “human”. find your balance. define your tone and you will be more effective.


reflection is important. it’s wise to look upon oneself and reflect on where you are and where you are going. it’s smart to look at others and compare where they are and where they are going. but it’s bad to reflect on oneself to often. we tend to focus more on what others have and we do not. don’t focus on what you lack, focus on what you have. life has a balance and what we value is often different than others.

life is full of balance. what we value most in life is a part of this. reflect on yourself once and a while. keep track of where you are and where you are going. but don’t focus on what you don’t have. focus on the achievements you have yet to make. be mindful and respectful of your balance and you will be rewarded with clarity.


leadership. comes in many forms. sometimes as inspiration, as guidance, sometimes out of demand. regardless of the form it takes, it’s important. everyone has the potential to lead. leadership is vital and it’s important.

leadership can be internal. as culture and as a human race we need connection and we need guidance. most of the time we just need a nudge to get moving. but leadership has no influence unless you’re open to it.

leadership comes in many forms. it can be historical, it can be indirect. leadership is important, inspiration is important. motivation comes from inspiration. inspiration is influenced by leadership. inspiration is vital and it’s important.

leadership can be symbolic. it comes in many forms, as affirmations, by force, by need. we need leadership, we need motivation. we are human and we need inspiration. we need connection. connection is vital, and it’s important.

leadership is good, even if it’s derived from the worst. we need connection, we need inspiration, we need motivation, and we will always need leadership.

leadership is a relationship we cannot deny, it’s part of our being. be a leader for yourself, be a leader for others. you have the potential.

leadership comes in many forms, from desire, from discipline. it has many levels and many faces. leadership is important, leadership is vital, leadership is human.

be historic, be a mentor for others. lead others and they will support you. lead yourself and others will follow you. lead yourself and you will indirectly inspire others.

leadership has many faces. look in the mirror and you’ll see the leader in you.


changes are a stimulus for emotions. they can be scary, they can be unnerving, they even can even be a waste a time. but what they are most is evolutionary. some refer to change as fate or destiny. some believe that every change is predictable and has been determined since the beginning of time. in contrast some also believe there is no order to change.

don’t fear change, it’s inevitable, it’s futile to resist. it’s evolutionary. change is what we make of it and life is full of change. life is what we make of it. you can’t stop change, but you can influence it.

we fear most when we are not confident. we fear most when we are unsure of the result. we fear because we are afraid of evolution. evolution is inevitable. change is inevitable. fear not what you don’t know, fear not the change that is inevitable.

change is not futile. adapt to change, think positively, think confidentially, think spiritually and you will influence change. embrace change and it will embrace you. it’s not always fun, but accept it and it will be the most postive influence in your life. change is good, even when it’s for the worse. change.


relationships. they come in many forms. public, private, personal and intimate.

everyday and every moment we re-evaluate our relationships with others and things. online, offline, in the workplace, in the real world. even with casual acquaintances we pass and we see at the coffee shop.

relationships are important. they are part of our human bond. and even though we can feel the void inside remember you always surrounded by connections with others. in the physical world, in the virtual world ultimately we exist in the psychography of others.

in todays 2.0 world, relationships can extend way beyond our physical reach and control. embrace and cherish the relationships you have. appreciate that in life 2.0 you can emotionally connect to so many people on a planetary level.

you are never alone. we are human, we are emotional. you are always in the minds of others and you are never truely alone.

welcome to your online family, welcome to your human personal network. welcome to life 2.0.


affirmations can be a guide to a more positive path of thinking and enlightment. however it’s the choices you make in life that decide your path to salvation and security.

think before you speak, think before you react. take a breath, pause until your minds settles, and this approach will lead to wiser desicsions, quicker resolutions and better communication.

keep in mind communication relies on timing. take your time, but don’t loose the moment. make choices with patience and thought not just heart.