this otaku’s life

I recently started a new podcast. of course this led to questions and few people asking, if I was stopping my primary podcast.  the answer to that, is no. I’m just continuing my adventures in podcasting.

for a while/years now, I have felt the need to produce more podcasts.  I’ve reached out to a few friends/talent and have proposed ideas, with the ultimate goal in having a primary website that would bring all these shows into a mini “podcast network” site. originally the first efforts resulted in 3 ideas aside from my primary podcast (; an occasional video podcast, a cosplay podcast, and a spin off show from an older existing segment that someone used to submit to OG. the video podcast never really went anywhere as the producer for that show lost steam in doing it. it never came together and never took flight. the cosplay podcast producer disappeared, however I take some blame in it not taking off as I never really got around to helping her start production; but in my defense she eventually disappeared and didn’t take initiative. the last of the ideas took some shape. I built the functional parts of the facade website that feeds off the CDN, I talked to the producers/talent, but they never moved forward with any full effort (only occasional discussion), and I never found time to finish the prototype website. at least for the 3rd idea, I think it still has merit and one day I will complete my end of responsibilities and bring it to life.  there was also a 4th podcast I help some friends spin-off from OG with an offering to eventually include it in the OG network site (if I ever got around to finishing it). but like the others it lost momentum. they did produce a bunch of shows, but it it eventually fizzled under lack of public interest. in other words they were unhappy that it didn’t make them magically as famous as they wanted. it stopped and they each moved on to other things.

that being said, I haven’t given up. I decided to start something new that only depends on me. this way I can find an additional outlet and reduce my rants and tangents on OG, as well as satisfy a small part of wanting to do more. for years I’ve been looking to do something like this show and I finally “pulled the trigger”. the original idea (years ago) was a weekly show where I would rant (with some structure) and record my thoughts as I commuted.  instead I decided on an NRP style format, more like radiolab and this american life. I’ve decided on a “biographical vignette” format. it will have a bit of storytelling, some ranting, general thoughts and knowledge share. it will eventually will include soliciting friends and others to share their point of view and stories.  last, by comparison to OG the new show should be short and mostly concise.

with that blogged, I bring you This Otaku’s Life …more are on their way.