Silly Faces

I don’t know about you, but I have spent almost a lifetime taking pictures of friends and family (posed and smiling). I have no issues with this kind of picture taking. However, it gets kind of boring. Several years ago, I decided to host a New Years party (more like New Years weekend) at my place. A lot of friends (from far and wide) would come to my place for several days (just before and after the new year). Of course there’s a good chance I’m going to take pictures, and I did. At some point I noticed the trend of boring posed/smiling pictures. So I decided to liven it up a bit, with the silly face shot.

If you plan to take a silly face picture/shot, there are a few rules to keep in mind…

  1. Ask/suggest a “silly face” photo before taking it. It has to be a planned effort. People who made a weird/stupid face while you took a picture does not count. You must get the participants permission.
  2. No profanity or nudity. Generally the idea of the silly face shot is family friendly.
  3. You should participate in at least or more of the shots. It’s one thing to ask friends to make a silly face for fun, but as soon as you take a picture, it changes the game. A picture can last forever and later on be embarrassing. So include yourself, it more fun this way if you’re equally as willing. This also includes you posting the silly face pictures of yourself online (with your friends/etc).
  4. Try to make different faces. I found I default to similar stupid faces. So I try to vary them as much as possible. I’m also the one usually holding the camera, which means I’m generally in front. Because this is usually the case, I will occasionally do a “what is that person doing behind me” or the classic “did you just touch my bum” response-look. Whatever the case, have fun with it, be creative and not predictable with your silly face expression.
  5. Last, the “unintentional head in the shot“… I love these… this is when someone peaks their head or face into the shot. When I started doing this, it happened by accident and they were some of the best shots. Now I intentionally position the camera off frame to create this shot. Always try to get one of these shots. Trust me, you’ll love them.

NOTE: One thing to point out, most of the silly face shots are done via the vanity shot method. This is where you hold the camera out and extended with one or both arms and you click to take the picture. It’s also worth noting, when you take the shot you generally can’t see what you’re taking. The vanity shot takes some practice. Ask a hot chick, she’ll know what to do. Unless you are a hot chick, then you already know what to do. =)

Alright… here’s a few silly faces I have taken over the years… there are more… but I haven’t looked through every single picture I’ve taken.

If you have silly face pictures, I’d love to see them. Send them my way.



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