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you might be asking yourself, why so many updates? simple answer. as I use the app more, small things needed some improvement, I made a few graphic changes (that I missed) and the app now checks for updates automatically.

for those in a hurry, here’s the latest version, you can download it here.

for those new to shortner, let me give you a brief explanation of what it is, and why you might want to use it. shortner is a URL shrinking platform. basically we can take long URLs (website links) and shrink them down to something easier to remember; a short-link. because we’re a true platform (not just a website application), we have developed an API (XML or JSON), and we can bind a shortner site to any DNS address (,,, etc). we even built the option to host private shortner sites and more. I won’t cover every feature, as the details will bore most of you reading this.

here’s an example:

now this isn’t a new technology. was the first that I know of to do this. I produce a podcast and we use shortner to track URL stats, and to share links during the show. once you have set the expectation, you really only need to read the short-code URL. we have also added a handful of other options not common to most URL shrinking sites: we automatically check each submitted link to see if it’s a malware site, generate QR codes (for your link), you can set a NSFW flag, add tags, add a description, and password the shortner link.

every link has a tracking page (example: so you can track your stats. I use shortner when I want to share or tweet a link. it’s interesting to see how fast people look at the link after you tweet.

as I mentioned before, shortner is a platform. so if you choose to create an account, your user/pass works for all shortner sites. in addition to this, because of the API we have created several applications on different platforms (Windows Mobile, Android, Windows, Google Talk bot, Adobe Air, a .net library for developers and more). coming soon: a Silverlight based version, an updated Windows Mobile version, a Windows Phone 7 version and an iPhone application.

hopefully you see the flexibility we can offer with shortner. we would love for you to give it a try. and give us feedback. we’re always open to suggestions. if you’re a fellow youtuber or podcaster (with thousands of subscribers) don’t hesitate to contact us about a personal shortner site; we’re always looking for someone to try out shortner on a large audience to see how well the platform performs.

if we still haven’t lost your attention, check out the quick video tour. it’s a little outdated, but can provide you with more insight to what has been mentioned here.

the last thing on my mind… sometime in the near future, I plan to do a video on the Shortner (desktop) application. for now I’ll just give you a quick run-down of features that might not be so obvious.

  • you can drag and drop (a URL; in text form) on to the application
  • you can drag and drop an internet shortcut (from the desktop or a folder)
  • you can right-click and paste a URL from the clipboard
  • you can right-click and specify an API key (if you have one)
  • it remembers the last shortner site you used and is selected by default
  • it restores its last location and is multi-monitor sensitive
  • sticky mode lets you retain the last tags used
  • it remembers your username and password
  • it can be set to auto-login on start
  • it keeps an on-going history of your links (with quick access to the tracking pages and etc)
  • …and more

I’m proud of shortner and we plan to continually add, change and improve. it’s worth nothing that the “we” is @webdevvie and @chaeseco (also @chaess); 98% John and 2% me. if you’re a developer, please check out our wiki we would love to see what you do with the platform. John and I will be at Google I/O 2010 (I’ll be wearing a shortner shirt); say hello if you see us walking around.



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