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I made a couple updates. I fixed an minor issue with the “last service used” feature. all it does, is after you successfully make a new shortner link, the app will keep track of the shortner service-site you used and auto-selects this site by default. it wasn’t updating this information in all scenarios. that is now fixed.

the second change, is I added a shortner URL (history) window. every time you make a new link it will store the shorter link, the original link and the date / time it was created. if you right-click on the row, you can browse to the shortner link, it’s tracking page or the original link. if all of this is confusing, see my original post, here.

you can download the latest copy, here. future updates will include the password-ing and description features. I will add those features in the near future; stay tuned.

if you’re a .net developer and would like to use shortner inside your app, take a look at our .net library, here.


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