so last night… it snowed, over 15 inches worth. more snow then you can shake a very-very-very-big stick at.

so as tradition states, I VLOGed it… and audio-booed it: http://qrk.me/4z

zOMFG SNOW (2010-02-06) from Alan Chaess on Vimeo.


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  • AWoj

    Hey its Alex from OtakuG Podcast. We've gotten around that much. I think closer to 20 inches… Now I wonder how the hell you guys are going to record it tomorrow!

  • chaeseco

    the roads have been plowed well enough and it's not snowing anymore. so recording is still on. in fact matt was hanging out this evening and just left.

    wow. 20 inches… too much! =) after the driveway was plowed… there's a pile big enough for me to make a snow fort… or as I have been saying… I could make a mini Hoth base. =)