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I haven’t written about shortner in a while. this week I finally made some accomplishments with regards to shortner. sometime last year John had upgraded the shortner platform to version 2.0. part of the upgrade included a newly revamped API (rest / json / xml based). because of this, any previous apps I had built were now invalidated.

so this week, I took some time and completely rebuilt the windows native desktop app, updated and brought the gtalk/jabber bot back online (currently invite only), and created a .DLL library for other developers to use.

hopefully in the near future we’ll create a download page on the shortner blog and etc. there you’ll find all the apps we’ve written so far: the AIR app, the Android app (check the market), the windows native app, etc. plus at some point we’ll update the wiki, with how to download and use the .DLL library; so you can use shortner with your windows-based applications.

in the past I had built a windows mobile app for shortner… I plan to update this as well. not to mention John is planning on creating the iPhone app for shortner.

the desktop app, is system tray based (next to the clock); so it stays present while you have it running, you can drag-&-drop internet shortcuts on it, drag-&-drop selected text-links, paste links from the clipboard, specify an API key (in you have one) and it actively saves your preferences.

so that’s in for now, constructive feedback and feature requests are always welcome. enjoy.


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