moo minicards

so podcamp philly 2009 ( is happening this upcoming weekend (october 3rd and 4th). last year I didn’t really have anything to give out to people who wanted to reach out to me online. for non business related events, business cards just don’t feel right. now I have business cards for the podcast (for guest related prospects) and I have my work business card… but in either case they have personal contact info on it. I want to be accessible, but only a select few get my mobile number or personal email addresses.

so last week it dawned upon me to order moo cards. this is something I thought of the week before podcamp philly 2008… but I wouldn’t have enough time to get them or use them; so I opted not to get any. well this year I can say I was smart enough to remember! they came yesterday and so I made a video. enjoy.

one major thing worth noting… it took 4 days before moo even shipped the order. so keep that in mind if you planning to get some moo cards for a future event. it took a full week from the time I ordered it. so keep that in mind.


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