life… just is

sometimes I feel like I’m a 3rd party participant to my life. it exists without my influence and as long as you stay in motion it’ll never stop. when this happens I find myself floating along looking on it, wondering why we exist, how we exist and trying to grasp my purpose in all of it. maybe helping in small ways has a bigger influence then trying to change the world. maybe encouraging friends has a ripple effect that’s hard to track and yet you can see the positive effect it has. knowing that I might have something do with it, gives me a momentary pause.

which leads me to this thought… that I told a friend who recently lost an ex-father-in-law. don’t have regrets. “life just is” sometimes, and we have to accept that. or we’ll repeat past mistakes. don’t live in the past. live in the now, with a productive concern for the future. but don’t forget to be responsible. and as any fellow nerdfighter would say, don’t never forget to be awesome!


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