moo minicards

so podcamp philly 2009 ( is happening this upcoming weekend (october 3rd and 4th). last year I didn’t really have anything to give out to people who wanted to reach out to me online. for non business related events, business cards just don’t feel right. now I have business cards for the podcast (for guest related prospects) and I have my work business card… but in either case they have personal contact info on it. I want to be accessible, but only a select few get my mobile number or personal email addresses.

so last week it dawned upon me to order moo cards. this is something I thought of the week before podcamp philly 2008… but I wouldn’t have enough time to get them or use them; so I opted not to get any. well this year I can say I was smart enough to remember! they came yesterday and so I made a video. enjoy.

one major thing worth noting… it took 4 days before moo even shipped the order. so keep that in mind if you planning to get some moo cards for a future event. it took a full week from the time I ordered it. so keep that in mind.


Dell 2408WFP (unboxing)

a few weeks ago my 2nd monitor died. I had it for close to 7 years, so I think I can say I got a lot of use out of it. it was time to buy a new monitor. thankfully a couple weeks ago I was able to purchase the first of two (planned) replacement monitors; to replace the dead one and the existing 22-inch monitor (that’s slowly dieing as well).

with a little research and a recommendation from my friend Chris Hadley (of, I purchased the Dell 24-inch (2408WFP). so far I am very impressed with this monitor.

one thing I forgot to mention in the video, is that this monitor has several input options that can be used with a picture-in-picture feature. I’m not sure I will ever make use this, but it’s nice to know it has the functionality.

life… just is

sometimes I feel like I’m a 3rd party participant to my life. it exists without my influence and as long as you stay in motion it’ll never stop. when this happens I find myself floating along looking on it, wondering why we exist, how we exist and trying to grasp my purpose in all of it. maybe helping in small ways has a bigger influence then trying to change the world. maybe encouraging friends has a ripple effect that’s hard to track and yet you can see the positive effect it has. knowing that I might have something do with it, gives me a momentary pause.

which leads me to this thought… that I told a friend who recently lost an ex-father-in-law. don’t have regrets. “life just is” sometimes, and we have to accept that. or we’ll repeat past mistakes. don’t live in the past. live in the now, with a productive concern for the future. but don’t forget to be responsible. and as any fellow nerdfighter would say, don’t never forget to be awesome!