look what the keyboard dragged in…

Today I was over my step brothers place, helping him fix his computer again. After a lot of cleaning up, I finally discovered the issue, then it blue screened; which confirmed my belief. We ended up going over to a local computer store (the only one left in the area for miles) called MicroCenter.

Recently, I have been struggling with my keyboard and mouse. The mouse hasn’t been tracking as well as I like, and the keyboard has not been keeping up with me as I type. My tweets, IMs and emails seemed to be missing letters and words a lot of as late. I found I had to press the keys harder in order to get the input.

So before we left the store, I decided to take a quick look at the keyboard selection. What I had before was this model: the Wireless Desktop Optical Elite and I ended up replacing it today with this model: the Wireless Laser Desktop 6000.

I made a quick comparison review on the difference between the keyboards and I discussed what I liked and didn’t like.

Below you can also see the pictures I took of the differences in size and shape.

Two points I didn’t mention in the video, that I think are worth noting. The old keyboard / mouse set was wireless (via RF) and the mouse was optical/infrared. The new keyboard / mouse set uses bluetooth and the mouse is optical/laser.


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  • http://twitter.com/sukhjit sukhjit

    My goodness Alan! I can always count on you for a detailed review! I'm actually hoping to get a new keyboard soon… but I do have an optical trackball mouse which is awesome! Good job on your video! –sukhjit

  • chaeseco

    Sukhjit! Now you get the gold star this time. =) Thanks for leaving a comment. I used a trackball in years. Do you prefer it over a traditional mouse?

  • http://twitter.com/sukhjit sukhjit

    =) Yaay! I got the gold star! Well, I do prefer the trackball now. But when I first got it, I didn't. It took me some getting use to but in the long run it helped with some pain I had in my arm from working on the computer so much.

  • chaeseco

    for some reason I never took to using a trackball. I'm not sure why. they do take some effort to get used to them. do they still make them? you never see them around anymore.