mSeesmic // future updates…

once and a while I check the number of downloads for mSeesmic; that come directly to my server. I have noticed many PocketPC / Windows Mobile sites cache a copy (mostly an older copy) of the app on their servers for download. so my observations are limited to what is downloaded from the site directly.

anyhow, the reason I’m writing this post, was to mention I haven’t forgotten about you. I will be releasing an update soon. I just need to find some time to work on the enhancements I want to make… which will include some of the following…

  • user preference: control thumb/finger scrolling speed (mainly for VGA users)
  • user preference: blocking users
  • user preference: languages filtering
  • user preference: creative commons default
  • timeline: show YouTube video entries; but disabling playback (since most phones do not support this)
  • timeline: improved “< prev" and "next >” intelligence
  • timeline: user agent support
  • description box support (read and submit)
  • posting: make private posts
  • posting: mark “for public”
  • posting: update twitter on post
  • posting: specify creative commons options
  • better threading options; so you the user can be impatient while it does things in the background
  • new video notifications (just like your phone tells you have new voicemail)
  • download and upload percentages

…and that’s just a partial list… there’s way more on the list, including some minor bugfixes… and some language pack updates.

anyhow, don’t loose hope. I will make the updates, I promise, all in do time.


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