what is it? orignally it was supposed to be a windows mobile version of seesmic. while I was waiting for seesmic to release a new version of their API I started thinking about a mobile video platform for a different purpose.

so instead of making seesmob a mobile version of seesmic, I decided to do something different. which still doesn’t answer the question… what is it?

seesmob is a experimental video platform with a cross-posting feature. currently I have built a windows mobile application that let’s me record video and upload it to my server, then convert the upload on-the-fly to FLV and make it available in my user profile as well on the public timeline of the webpage.

currently all that I has been developed is a little bit of the website and the bulk of the backend. I can film via the phone, upload and cross-post the video to other services. at the moment I only included YouTube and Seesmic. more in on the list… vimeo.. twitter… and etc.

If you are currently a windows mobile 5.x or higher user with a PDA style stylus/touch screen phone contact me and I will set you up with an account. I do need beta testers. however this is invite only because I have a limited amount of bandwidth.

if you have attempted to register it will not work. as I mentioned I have worked on basic parts of the website.

currently other off-hour projects have consumed my time. but fear not, I will get back to seesmob in the future.


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