I was recently attending Podcamp Philly 2008. On the last day of the event I attended a petcha kucha session.

for further explaination of what petcha kucha is… go here or here. For the lazy… basically it’s a presentation event… 20 presentations, 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide.

well I thought this was an interesting idea. it forces the presentation to be quick and poignant. now the session was about how you can use petcha kucha as an effective presentation style. it was interesting to see people randomly go up there and present any topic they choose.

well as this was occuring the person at the helm progressed the pre-done powerpoint slides manually with a watch. the programmer in me saw a need to fill so I did. in a coulple hours I built a simple application I call “pkShow” you can download a copy here and it will self-update as I make changes. it’s only available in windows.

I also added a few options myself that to up the level of difficulty / fun of petcha kutcha. there are a few modes to how the slide show presents pictures (sequential, random and shuffle). in additional to a splash screen option, a topic feature and visual indicators.

please check it out. let me know. you’re welcome to use it for non-commercial purposes. use at your owk risk… and so on.



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